Exchanged for Ivy Day Spa Credit

In December 2012 The Ivy Day Spa will celebrate their first anniversary. It has been a fantastic first year, and guests and staff are all very happy with the many changes that have come with new ownership. When The Ivy Day Spa first took over this Glen Ivy location, there was a 90 day window to redeem existing gift cards. We have learned in the months since then that many people were unable to do so during that time, and don’t find it convenient to travel to Corona or Brea to use the gift cards at the other Glen Ivy locations. We want these past customers to know that we care about them and want to serve them, and have decided to offer Ivy Spa partial credit value in exchange for their existing Glen Ivy gift cards.

In an interview with The Signal, Eric Smith, owner of the Ivy Day Spa, invites customers holding the old certificates to call him personally and  he’ll help them by setting up credits they can redeem at Ivy Day Spa. “I can’t actually honor all the gift cards outright at 100 percent. There are thousands of dollars out there in Glen Ivy gift cards. I’d go out of business,” Smith said. But, he will give them close to full credit on any outstanding gift cards for the former spa. Basically, the credit allows certificate holders to receive a discount off each of their future visits until they eventually are able to redeem the majority of their old gift cards, he said.

Exchanging credit helps Ivy Day Spa stay in business by not redeeming all of the gift cards fully at one time, but also helps those who are stuck with gift cards they can’t use, he said.

If you have a Glen Ivy gift card, please call Eric Smith at 661-260-1244 ext. 109.