Our Most Luxurious Facial Cyto Luxe Facial Glo Therapeutics Valencia Spa

Featuring Glo Therapeutics Professional Skin Care, recommended for mature and premature aging skin.

This Cyto Luxe Facial* targets aging skin by helping promote Collagen, Elastin and Hylaronic Acid reproduction. This facial will reduce dryness/ dehydrated skin and the appearance of expression lines. An intense rejuvenating mask utilizes plant stem cells to help skin look refreshed, lifted and luxurious. (50 minutes) $140
*Please note this facial uses some marine based products and is not recommended for those with shellfish allergies.

Cyto Luxe Facial Mask Glo Therapeutics Valencia SpaCyto Luxe Mask for at home use, $68
Available in the Spa Lifestyle Store, this rejuvenating facial mask is formulated with powerful anti-aging ingredients include plant stem cells to help skin regain elasticity.