Dry Skin Remedies

Spring Spotlight: Skin Care

Are you challenged by dry, chapped skin, on your face or body? The Ivy Day Spa offers a few specialized hydrating treatments for treating and moisturizing dry skin. We also have a selection of professional care products in our Spa Lifestyle Store that are excellent for daily home care regimen.

Dry skin can cause rough dry patches that may also itch. Dry facial skin can create an uneven surface for make up, or contribute to complexion problems like acne and irritation. Those prone to dry skin may also find it on their hands, feet, legs, back or arms. It is important to hydrate and properly care for your skin, left unattended it can become itchy and painful.

Hydrating Facial Care

Here are some of the effective spa treatments we offer for facial care:

1. CYTO LUXE FACIAL. This facial will reduce dryness/ dehydrated skin and the appearance of expression lines. An intense rejuvenating mask utilizes plant stem cells to help skin look refreshed, lifted and luxurious. The rejuvenating mask is also available for home use. $155

2. LACTIC FACIAL PEEL. Add this gentle peel to any spa facial and reveal fresher, smoother skin instantly, and allow the moisturizing products better performance. Derived from milk, lactic acid peels are gentle enough for first-timers or for sensitive skin. $25

3. GLYCOLIC PEEL. This clinical grade peel treats dry skin, targets sun damage, and helps reduce pigmentation and fine lines, with visible anti-aging benefits. $80

Moisturizing Body Treatments

Treat dry skin from head to toe! Here are our favorite relaxing and hydrating body treatments:

1. HYDRATING BODY POLISH & WRAP. First, dull, aged skin cells are gently exfoliated with our exclusive body polish treatment. Then you will relax as our Hydrating wrap does its work. You will notice firmer, softer skin—and a more serene state of mind.

Body Polish & Wrap with Swedish Massage $160 (80 min)

Body Polish & Wrap only $105 (50 min)