Five Healthy, Happy People Share Why they SPA

Do you know someone who seems to have it all together, no matter what life may throw their way? They have a relaxed energy, smile and laugh frequently, manage stressful situations like a champ, and somehow look years younger than they should? Perhaps they have a Spa Membership.

Every week at The Ivy Day Spa, I see people go through a transformation. During a short spa visit, guests will shift from tightly wound to blissfully relaxed. And the more often they visit the spa, the happier they seem. So I decided to check in with a few of our regular guests and find out why they spa:

  • “I love my spa time because it is all about me. I am a nurse and most of my day is spent caring for other people. It is important for me to set aside time for myself to recharge, so I can continue to do my job well.” — Anna
  • “Golf is my way of blowing off steam but sometimes I tend to overdo it. My doctor suggested sports massage to help the healing process. I can’t believe the difference it makes. I think my game has improved…” Michael
  • “I come to the The Ivy Day Spa for the clinical facials. My esthetician is amazing. She helped resolve some skin care concerns with great results and I feel so much more confident now. I had tried other places, and The Ivy Day Spa is the best. Can’t beat the service, and the rest of the spa amenities are really great too!” — Maria
  • “My husband gifted me an annual spa membership for my birthday. He said it was his way of showing me how much he appreciates me, for being a great partner and mother to our children. I love my family AND I love time for me.” —Julia
  • “The first time I went to a spa was when I was on a planning retreat with my office. My manager had arranged for everyone on the team to get a treatment. I still remember how that massage in the middle of the high pressure day seemed to melt away all the stress. I felt invincible when I returned to meetings and we accomplished more than we hoped. Now, whenever I have a problem I can’t seem to solve, I take a break and schedule a massage, then tackle it with a fresh mind!” Shauna

While spa time may mean different things to different people, the overall consensus is that the positive benefits extend well beyond the actual time spent at the spa. And when you take time to care for yourself, make relaxation a priority, you can expect that health and happiness to overflow into all areas of your life. This is why we created our annual membership. Designed with great value in mind, membership includes monthly treatments, unlimited spa access, retail discounts, plus members also receive exclusive perks.

If you are interested in learning more about the features and of our Annual Spa Memberships, please contact the Ivy Day Spa at 661-260-1244.

The Ivy Day Spa is located at 24320 Town Center Dr #100, Valencia, at the Westfield Town Center Mall. For more information visit or contact us at 661-260-1244.