Get the Glow! Summer Skincare At Home

Professional Skincare To Maintain the GLOW
1. Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil from GLO Skin Beauty
Phyto-Active Conditiong Oil is a fast absorbing skin conditioning face oil that helps soften fine lines and wrinkles for those with aging skin concerns. This premium facial oil features protective plant stem cell technology that delivers your… read more

Get the Glow! Hydrafacial


Have you ever seen someone with dewy, luminescent skin and felt small waves of envy? Skin that looks so incredibly smooth, bright, plump, it seems to glow from the inside… How do they do it?
We are here to tell you how you can get that GLOW and keep it… read more

Spring Skin Care Regimen

What should you be thinking about when seasons change? Here is our quick guide to switching your skin care routine from winter to spring.
Spring Clean your Shelf. First look for products that are out of date. Skin care products and cosmetics expire. Aside from becoming less effective as they… read more

Summer Skin Care

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as it heats up this summer, keep your skin healthy, hydrated, and protected!

Exfoliate for clearer, smoother skin. Stepping in and out of hot outdoors and air conditioning can really dry out out your skin, leaving a rough layer of… read more

4 Healthy Skin Benefits of Working Out

Beautiful Skin through Exercise
Make exercise your secret skin care ingredient for a young, healthier, and smoother complexion.
Sweat. Sweat purges your body of toxins that can clog pores and plague your skin and lead to break outs. Once you sweat out those toxins, be sure to wash them off —… read more

Better Skin Care

Top 5 Reasons For Your Next Facial
Professional estheticians recommend having regular facials—if not monthly, then at least every time the seasons change. More than just a beauty treatment, a spa facial involves deep cleansing, toning, exfoliation, steam and moisturizing. Here are the top five reasons why facials are a… read more

Microdermabrasion… Instant Facelift?

The Ivy Day Spa is pleased to now offer Microdermabrasion treatments performed by specially trained estheticians.

Microdermabrasion is one of the more recent skin-care techniques to have crossed over from Hollywood to the mainstream, some refer to it as an “instant facelift.” An effective alternative to costlier and more invasive… read more