Make More ME TIME

Self Care Awareness

How to find more ME TIME is always on our minds at The Ivy Day Spa. We know how important making time for self care can be for mental and physical health, and how hard it can be to find.

The Spa experience we create for our guests is shaped with the concepts of wellness and self care in mind, doing all that we can to create a warm, welcoming, and soothing environment.

We decided to poll a few of our in house experts on how they find time for self, and shared below to help you start your own list. To start, we recommend planning regular spa visits to help keep your mind, body balance in check. Membership is a great way to make that planning easier, and comes with great savings. When you are not at the Spa, look for ways to make room for ME TIME activities every day. Even 20 minutes a day can make a big difference in your mood, sleep, productivity and happiness!

1. Plan the Perfect Spa Day

Go for the Package. Did you know our spa packages combine our best treatments with a savings of 10% or more? Plus all of our packages include massage which is guaranteed relaxation and stress release!

Plan extra time. Enhance your treatments and your level of relaxation when you build extra time into your spa day. Enjoy a soak in the hot tub, melt away stress in the steam room, or sip tea in the solarium. This is your time.

Take the spa experience home. Our Spa Lifestyle Boutique has everything you need to continue the bliss at home. Extensive professional skin care selection, and favorite body care from Farmhouse Fresh, Lalicious, Kneipp and more. Comfortable spa wear, accessories and gifts… Everything you need for relaxing me time at home!

2. More ME TIME Every Day

Move your body. Whether you go for a walk, hit the gym, or do an online yoga class. When you pause to focus on your body your mind benefits as well.

Breathing or meditation. Need a respite? Try out this square breathing technique. An easy solution when I am feeling some anxiety, or just need to clear my head and focus.

Make bedtime “me time”. Create a routine that includes self care, doing something that you enjoy or feels good. Could be a skin care ritual with your favorite products (time to mask up!), bedtime yoga, or reading a book.

Spend 5 minutes tidying up or in the garden. Sound like a chore? It is! However I feel the reward of being productive and the calm that comes with a tidy space. Do you have a “relaxing” chore?

What are YOUR favorite ways to make time for self and relax?