Masks + Skin Care

If you are noticing changes to your skin, wearing a mask may be contributing

The Ivy Day Spa staff supports and follows the recommendations for wearing masks to help stop the spread. We a are also very familiar with some of the issues and discomfort that can come from hours of wearing mask… Maskne! (Mask + Acne)

If you are noticing changes to your skin, wearing a mask may be contributing. Here are some tips to help: ⁣

1. If you need to wear a mask all day, it can reduce air flow and cause bacteria to build up. Take time to gently wash your face through out the day with warm water and gentle cleanser. ⁣

⁣2. Choose a breathable mask and keep it clean. Cloth masks should be laundered between each use.

3. Use an alcohol-free toner to feel cool and refreshed. Glycolic Facial Resurfacing Toner from Glo Skin Beauty visibly smooths for a renewed, balanced complexion.

⁣4. Avoid clogged pores by avoiding makeup under the mask. No one will know!

5. Make sure to hydrate and moisturize. Wearing a mask can cause skin to be drier than usual.

⁣6. Book a Facial. Your esthetician can provide recommendations based on your skin type and apply advance care products to remedy issues. The soothing treatment will relax you and leave you fresh faced and glowing.  Your esthetician misses you!

Call 661-260-1244 to schedule an appointment. Review these protocols before visiting the spa.