Successful New Year’s Resolutions

Are you thinking about New Year Resolutions? We are here to support you in your wellness journey.

The most popular resolutions are about self improvement and taking better care of oneself. The key to successful resolutions is setting goals that come from positive desires versus negativity or guilt. For example, exercising and eating healthy are great resolutions, but can fail when steered by negative body image,… read more

Gratitude + Giving Thanks

This week we will celebrate with family and friends and give thanks.

At The Ivy Day Spa are grateful for many things, and at the top of gratitude list is our amazing team, wonderful spa guests, and the Santa Clarita Valley community we have been fortunate to be part of for over a decade. 

You can carry the joyous feeling of gratitude… read more

The Magic of Massage

Beat the BLAHs + Hit Reset

I love my spa days for many things, such as my #estiebestie helping me achieve my glowing skin goals and the perfect manicure.

However, I think my favorite thing I look forward to with dedicated spa time is that total escape and relaxation. And while I rely on monthly massage… read more

Serums for Success

Personalize Your Skin Care with Serums

More advanced, concentrated formulas than any other product, serums target specific skin care issues with powerful actives for fast acting visible results.

“Essentially a serum is the vehicle that we’re delivering active ingredients through,” explains Dr. Nina Desai, board-certified dermatologist. “Serums are the perfect way to target a specific concern… read more

Everything Pumpkin Spice!

Welcoming Autumn with Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

If you are crazy for all things pumpkins and warm autumn scents of cinnamon spice, we have you covered. Check out these awesome products from some of our favorite brands. All available in our Spa Lifestyle Store!

Gentle dual-action exfoliation, this skin polisher smooths… read more

How To Get More From Your Facial

Tips for Before and After Care

Some advice from our professional team to ensure you get the most out of your facial treatments! These are simple guidelines, be sure to follow any specific recommendations from your esthetician.

5 Days Before Facial. If you are using any retinol or exfoliating acids, pause these 5 days before your… read more

Make More ME TIME

Self Care Awareness

How to find more ME TIME is always on our minds at The Ivy Day Spa. We know how important making time for self care can be for mental and physical health, and how hard it can be to find.

The Spa experience we create for our guests is shaped… read more

Self Care
Awareness Month

Making Wellness a Priority

This September at The Ivy Day Spa we are celebrating Self Care Awareness month, and want to help make self care a part of your daily routine. Each week will share a few reminders and strategies to practice being good to yourself.

It can be as simple as a conscious… read more

How to SPA-cation

Relax and Renew in a Day

Summer is the time of vacation. But sometimes work, family commitments, (or pandemic) get in the way of taking much needed time off. If you are looking for a way to recharge in a short amount of time, try a Spa-cation!

Plan to spend 4 or more hours at… read more

Head to Toe GLOW!

Kick off Summer With a Relaxing Body Treatment That Will Have Your Skin Glowing

Summer is our favorite season to kick back, relax, and just enjoy the beach, the boat, or pool side. But it’s not time to slack on your skincare routine.

UVA/UVB rays are harmful all year long, but are especially damaging during the summer months. Our professional spa team has put… read more

Get the Glow! Summer Skincare At Home

Professional Skincare To Maintain the GLOW
1. Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil from GLO Skin Beauty
Phyto-Active Conditiong Oil is a fast absorbing skin conditioning face oil that helps soften fine lines and wrinkles for those with aging skin concerns. This premium facial oil features protective plant stem cell technology that delivers your… read more

Get the Glow! Hydrafacial


Have you ever seen someone with dewy, luminescent skin and felt small waves of envy? Skin that looks so incredibly smooth, bright, plump, it seems to glow from the inside… How do they do it?
We are here to tell you how you can get that GLOW and keep it… read more

How to Sleep Better

Feeling tired? Massage could be the answer to improved sleep quality and better overall health.
Sleeping well is as important to your health as eating healthy and exercising. Poor sleep can be a factor contributing to numerous health issues, including weight gain, depression, and heart disease or stroke. Taking steps… read more

Heavenly Body Treatments

Time to Detox
We are fortunate to enjoy mild winter in California, but I still love to mark the shift in seasons with a body treatment!

The Ivy Day Spa currently offers an invigorating full body treatment to put you in the mood for Spring. It starts with a firm but… read more

Self Care in the New Normal

We are all adapting to the new normal. And whether this may be temporary or longterm, we know change can be stressful, especially when it is present in every aspect of our day to day lives.
There is some good news. We know what we need to do, and we… read more

Masks + Skin Care

The Ivy Day Spa staff supports and follows the recommendations for wearing masks to help stop the spread. We a are also very familiar with some of the issues and discomfort that can come from hours of wearing mask… Maskne! (Mask + Acne)

If you are noticing changes to your… read more

Celebrating Moms with Worthy Gifts

This past year has been something else… We know that now more than ever, Moms are dreaming of a Spa Day.

The gift of Spa and relaxation is always a favourite, and one that is looked forward to with great joy. With our Instant Gift Certificates, it’s easy to… read more

Order Skin Care + Gifts

New Services by Phone
Available Monday to Friday, 10 am -4 pm

Please contact us by calling 661-260-1244. We will ask you to leave a message with your name, phone number and best time to reach you during business hours. A spa representative will call you back to take… read more

Hand + Nail Care Like a Pro

Some Love for Hands and Nails
In addition to staying home, regular hand-washing is the most effective means of prevention of COVID 19. Public Health is recommending that people wash their hands thoroughly for 20 seconds at a time to curb the spread of germs. While vigorous hand-washing and using… read more

Skin Care Routine

Am I Doing this Right? Skin Care Self Care
As the hours blend into days and days into weeks, maintaining routines will help keep you sane (looking good!) Don’t get lazy with your skincare routine, instead make it dedicated time for self care and enjoy the moment. Put on some… read more